Ruby Dhal

Dear Self (Signed with Print)

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Image of Dear Self (Signed with Print) Image of Dear Self (Signed with Print) Image of Dear Self (Signed with Print)

Ruby's much awaited fourth - and the very first self-help - book, 'Dear Self'. At over 280-pages, this is Ruby's longest and most interactive piece of writing.

In 'Dear Self', Ruby talks about heartache, loneliness and relationships and takes it even further by diving into fear, insecurities, strength, commitments, the power of pain, what self-love/self-worth mean and self-discovery in light of one's healing journey.

This is the most interactive and authentic book Ruby has written so far, with the anticipation that the words within this book will encourage readers to mend their hearts, understand themselves better, engage in self-care and love themselves and those around them without insecurities. This book is for everyone who wants to discover more about themselves, accept their imperfections and take pride in their vulnerabilities.

Each signed copy of 'Dear Self' comes with a special postcard and bookmark.